Is my mug dishwasher and microwave safe?  

Absolutely unless otherwise specified. I've tested many mugs out over time and they do well in both circumstances.  However, mugs with gold or platinum luster (not glaze) are not safe and will spark in the microwave, it's included in the listing so unlikely you'll make that mistake. 

I bought something, when will it arrive?

It takes a few days for Shopify to process an order 2-3 days depending on where it falls during the week. Once shipped, USPS is fairly quick and within 2-3 days.  During a big shop update I will require more time to get things out accurately. If you have any special request, trying to get something at a certain time please reach out to me and let me know I will try my best. 

My item arrived broke, can you refund me? 

First thing is keep the box the item was shipped in, it will be required to approve the claim. Then go to the USPS website and file a claim.  I use Priority Shipping which includes insurance.  They will require pictures of the broken item and evidence of payment.  I can help if you need assistance.  I used to do these refunds myself as a business but they will no longer approve my claims without the box which in now in your possession. 

Do you shipping internationally?

Thank you so much for your interest in my work, unfortunately I only ship in the US. International shipping cost about double the item along with custom taxes which is 20%. So a $35 mug would cost about $85 to ship. Once it leaves the country I would have very little control over when and how it would arrive to you. As a small business it's not something I can do at this time.  Luckily there are so many wonderful ceramic artist all over the world.  I recommend finding one local to you and supporting them. I can help find some if you need help.  

Theres nothing available in your shop? 

Ah, yes I am so lucky to have some really great customers that buy my work frequently.  It takes several weeks to make pottery but only seconds to purchase them.  I am currently working on new items, either be for Gideons Bakehouse or The Neighbors to sell at East End Market location or for a local market.  I try to put all announcements in my newsletter that will let you know upcoming availability.