About Me

Coming into fall 2023, Potheads has been in business since January 2016.  I had just started a job at a pottery studio and was invited to a work Christmas party last minute.  I was told everyone makes little gifts to give.  I thought Potheads would be something I could make fast, but turns out like most things for me they took a bit more time. In the middle of January I had finally made a few little potheads, but they hardly resembled the Potheads that you see today.  

I have been doing markets all over central Florida for the last couple of years but have reigned it in to being mostly online while doing the Deland Indie Markets, The Bandit Market, and sometimes other local Orlando Markets. I send out a newsletter whenever I have something new to offer so I recommend that if you are interested in my work. 

I am lucky enough to be one of the artist who makes things for Gideons Bakehouse. It is such an amazing opportunity and I thank my lucky stars daily. I do apologize if you are here for some of their pottery as I am not permitted to sell pottery with their logo nor am I to give any info or clues when there will be a mug drop. All information for that will be coming from Gideons.  

Thank you for reading! Please reach out if you have any other questions!  potheadsbyamber@gmail.com