March 2020

March 2020

Hurrah it's March!  Kind of hard to believe, the last few months have been a struggle but everything should be looking up.  Finishing up custom orders (I'm way behind) and the order form for more will be opening later this month.  

Often in March we (makers) do #marchmeetthemaker and I am doing the challenge on my instagram.  I'll share some information for you here as well.  I am a working artist, most of my income comes from Potheads but I also have a part time job.  This job provides a steady income and nice benefits such as retirement and health.  Surprising it can be demanding as it is at one of the happiest places on earth and is always busy. 

I've been in a little rut lately but I hope to pull out of it.  I'm trying to focus on my online shop as well as trying new markets and new strategies for regular markets. I am also boosting my pottery because I do love to make mugs and bowls.  Working towards understanding my limitations and being able to communicate them to people in a positive way.  Potheads always take longer than I expect them too and things go wrong sometimes.  I am trying to be more grateful and appreciative of all that got and I appreciate all my pothead friends too.  I couldn't keep making these without you . . . really they'd be everywhere buried in a hole out back, it'd be insane. :)  

Again thank you so much for all your support!  

Upcoming Markets: 

March 8th Deland Indie Flea at Artisan Alley

March 15 Tampa Indie Flea at Armature Works

March 29 St. Pete Plant Market at 3 Daughters Brewing

April 4 and April 5 Orlando Fiesta in the Park Lake Eola 


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