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Covid-19 and what it means for Potheads right now.

I always wondered what it would be like if I had all the time to spend on Potheads and my pottery.  Very much a careful what you wish for thing because now I do have all the time. I have limited resources in where to sell and people are suffering and have limited resources to buy my pots.  Nevertheless I will persist!! I am going to continue on making Potheads and pottery as long as I have supplies and maybe I'll build up an inventory.  If I am able to sell some than I can buy some more clay, and other supplies.  I know times are tough for everyone so even though I will post pics of Potheads for sale etc,  I won't try to push anything on anyone.  Any support is appreciated and I'll try to keep it all fun.  

I am lucky, I live with my family and my part time job is still paying me an average of my wages till April 19th.  I feel for everyone struggling and I hope we come out of this better and stronger . .  and maybe we'll learn how to take care of our most vulnerable and realize that some people and positions are actually a lot more valuable than some previously thought.