Wow, it's August.

2020, can you believe it? I feel like I'm really rolling with it and I am mostly lucky but I was challenged this past weekend.  At the exact time that I walked into my house and shut the front door our house was hit by lightning.  The noise of the thunder shook me and I saw sparks fly from the air vents.  From different areas of the house I could hear the reactions of my family members.  I also heard a hissing sound and a burning smell.  We immediately called 911 and it was a good thing.  The lightning put two holes through our roof and ignited our duct work and busted our AC. 

We've been living without electricity for a week, we have one extension cord for our refrigerator that our neighbor let us run to his house but that's about all the ampage  that's available.  You might think it's silly for us to stay in the house and yes I do too.  It's very hot, hard to clean . . . and of course boring as heck with no internet.  We are staying because of Covid . . . and we have two cats and a dog who we just can't leave with anyone else and can't live without. 

It's hard to make any plans, with all the curve balls this year keeps throwing at us. Going forward I am applying to a virtual market that is being presented by Market for Makers.  I'm not sure if I'll be accepted but if I am it should be a very good thing.  As far as work is going I'm trying to complete all my custom orders and after that I'll figure it out.  

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