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My Vintage Inspired Mugs

When I first saw Justin Rothshank's Mugs online I knew that was something I wanted to try.  I am lucky enough to own two of his mugs and had the pleasure of meeting him in person when he participated in an event at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. 

After meeting him I searched on ebay to find some of these vintage ceramic decals.  I was able to find quite a few but only now have found a use for them.  I decided on a speckled red clay with an opaque white glaze to be the canvas for these mugs.  I enjoy arranging them just so on each mug.  I love the vintage aesthetic of the mugs.  I continue to look online for these decals, they are very unique and sometimes the quality doesn't allow for them to make it onto a mug.  Eventually I hope to put together a few design and have them printed but it has to be outsourced as the equipment is very expensive and hard to come by.  Etsy has a lot of newer decal options and printing services.  These mugs are all unique and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.