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Potheads by Amber

Taco Cat Succulent Pothead Planter *Whole Sale Only*

Taco Cat Succulent Pothead Planter *Whole Sale Only*

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Taco Cat is an adorable ceramic planter. He is painted orange with a yummy little taco in his hands.  He's your favorite palindrome! TACOCAT
Perfect for succulents air plants or other shallow root plants. The plant sits neatly in the head and has about 3 inches of room in diameter. Good for indoor or outdoor decoration, they clay is not sealed so it remains porous and has a drainage hole.  Will not be damaged by rain, but should be brought in when temperatures are freezing. 
Potheads are ceramic, hand sculpted from stoneware clay, hand painted with underglaze (colored clay), black-washed with glaze accents and fired three times to temperatures of 1800 degrees.  

They sit about 6-7 inches tall and 3 inches wide and in length, although some with big ears are a bit wider. Great for table tops, window sills, patios and porches.  

Each Pothead is handmade by me, one of a kind not from molds.  Sure to make and excellent addition to your home or a great gift for a special person.
Suggested retail price: $45-50
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