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Potheads by Amber

Pizza Rat Pothead // Ceramic Rat Planter

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This is Pizza Rat, he is famous in NYC, just check out this video.  He's an adorable funny little Rat pothead planter with his slice in tow.  Perfect for small succulents, cacti, air plants and even fake plants. 

-Plant sits neatly in head and has 3 inches of room.  
-Good for Indoor or Outdoor decoration
- Porous with drainage hole to keep plant dry
-Hand Sculpted from mid range stoneware
-Hand Painted with underglaze black washed with glaze accents

Potheads are perfect for any tabletop, desktop, patio or counter.  
Sit approximately 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide and in length. Bigger than a can of soda.  
Made to be a planter but holds many functions, Pencil holder small sculpture, jewelry or trinkets. 

Each Pothead is handmade by me, one of a kind not from molds.  Sure to make and excellent addition to your home or a great gift for a special person.

Disclaimer: Potheads are unique and handmade,  they are imperfect and may have superficial cracks.  Not to worry these do not hurt the functionality of the pothead.  Pictures should disclose any flaws.  Please message me if you have any concerns